Saturday, July 23, 2011

Facebook page up!

I know, I'm a bit late to the game.
Plus I haven't posted an update in almost a year.
But hey, I've been busy and not a lot has happened.


In fact, if you're on facebook, make sure to Like all other Hildsvfar Records artists:

Satan's Basement on facebook

The Astronaut King on facebook

DJ Fartbot

Like them all, then share with your friends and support underground music!

More important updates though, don't stop reading yet.
I have Satan's Basement and The Astronaut King both on bandcamp, which makes getting the music easy, convenient, and is barely costing you anything to buy a ton of good music at any digital format you could possibly imagine!

The Astronaut King on bandcamp

Satan's Basement on bandcamp

I'm thinking about putting up DJ Fartbot soon too. I'll post more on it when I do.

One last thing. I have The Astronaut King t-shirts and still have some copies of the limited edition copy of Kingdom of False Existence. The limited edition copy basically goes to anyone who orders it from now until I run out. There's only 25 copies, and less than 20 left right now, so if you want one, get it now!! The limited edition comes in a larger (dvd) case with a bonus CD of live material from 2008! Get it while you can!

That's all for now, go check out all the links, spread to your friends, and enjoy the music!