Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Updates 8/28/12

Just recently re-released (in a way) the first DJ Fartbot album from 2008 on Bandcamp! Check it out, download it, share with your friends! Then check out the more recent Digitized Scrawlings of the Forgotten! The first album is a collection of the earliest works of DJ Fartbot from 2006 up until the release of the album in 2008, and should not be overlooked. What's it like?
"Like playing dark games on your old 486 computer.
Like dreaming/having a nightmare inside obsolete technology.
Like conquering and rebuilding a post-apocalyptic society from the ground up without Game Genie."

Also, the Satan's Basement/The Baptism split is very near! You can almost taste the apocalypse! Amazing artwork by Mike Miller (check out his artwork for Bongripper's Satan Worshiping Doom and vinyl release of Great Barrier Reefer to get an idea of how awesome it's going to be) and ~15 minutes per side for around a half hour of Earth decimating death metal, hardcore, and whatever other genre this album seems to fit into!

More updates to come as this year makes its way into the fall season, expect a new The Astronaut King album by the start of 2013 and keep updated on the Suffering Luna collaboration by following Hildsvfar Records, Suffering Luna, and The Astronaut King on facebook!

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