Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Two new releases in one day!

It's not every day I release two albums on the same day. If it was, I'd probably have way too many albums. Today I finally released the new The Astronaut King album for digital download on Bandcamp (CD release will come a little later, and is definitely planned). I've been looking forward to this release because of the amazing artwork by Mike Miller, who did the art (and The Baptism side) of the Satan's Basement/The Baptism split released earlier this year. Here's a look at the artwork:

Now go download it on Bandcamp!

Also, there's a new Satan's Basement "Christmas" single on Bandcamp that you should download:

This was originally supposed to a full album of Christmas carols rewritten as Satan's Basement songs, but that was 6 or 7 years ago when I had the idea. I never finished writing the songs, so I just mashed two of the best ones together to make this. I guess since I had the idea, a lot of other people had beaten me to it. If you're brave, you'll go looking for the crappy 2007 version of this called "Cynical Christmas Carols" that had programmed drums/guitars and worse vocals that I didn't even release as Satan's Basement because of that. Anyway, hopefully more people like the new/better version more. Go listen to it.

That's all for now, hopefully more good news and new releases to come in 2013!

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