Thursday, July 30, 2009

Digital store through SoundClick! Check it out now!

For those of you who no longer buy CDs and load mp3s onto everything, I've made things easier for you. I've set up digital stores for Satan's Basement, The Astronaut King, DJ Fartbot, and Ian Covelli! Full albums are available extremely cheap, and songs can be bought as singles for a low price as well!! A lot of the songs haven't even been released on albums yet, so make sure to get over there and check this out!

Satan's Basement:

The Astronaut King:

DJ Fartbot:

Ian Covelli:

The first Satan's Basement album, Sludge Filled Wasteland, is only $3! Cerebral Apocalypse is only $4! And all the songs that have come since then are also available as singles. The brand new album by The Astronaut King, Kingdom of False Existence, is only $5 for 80 minutes of music! There's also the live album that I haven't even released yet up on there for download! Instinctive Obliteration by DJ Fartbot, only $5! Check this stuff out everybody!

Tell your friends, tell the mailman, tell your aunt, tell anyone who exists! Hey, even tell people who don't exist! You can get a lot of music for really low prices! Basically you can get the Satan's Basement, The Astronaut King, or DJ Fartbot discographies here all together for like... less than 20 bucks! Go check it out!!

Also make sure to check out the CD selection at

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